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Metallica NewsMetallica News
September 27, 2006
20th Year Memorial to Cliff Burton

Rest in peace Cliff
God bless you
Wherever you are whatever you do
Thanks again for your beautiful music

Twenty years ago the music world, Metallica fans in specific, suffered a huge loss when the tragic bus accident that took Cliff Burton’s life.  Twenty years later, the band and fans alike continue to morn, suffer, and remember Cliff.

“We would never have written guitar harmonies or instrumental songs, or songs with very complicated melodies and orchestrations without Cliff” - James Hetfield of Metallica.

“Some of us, I'm included, were too young to know it yet, but every Metallica fan lost something really fucking special in the early morning of September 27th, 1986.  Music lost something.  The band lost something.  Most of all Cliff’s parents lost something. He was a phenomenal young musician and from everything I've read and seen seemed like an amazing friend to those who were lucky enough to have known him in his short life.” – A Metallica Fan.

This summer, during the Escape ’06 Tour, Metallica paid tribute to and honored Cliff by playing Orion in it’s entirety for the first time ever during their Master of Puppets Anniversary set.  “It was the highlight in the set for me,” said James Hetfield. “It is a summary of Cliff, and I cried every time we played it, but it was good tears. I was overwhelmed of gratitude to have been playing in the same band as Cliff, and to have had the opportunity of learning things of him.”


In Connection with the 20th anniversary of Cliff's death (i.e. 27th September), on Saturday 30th September, the special memorial stone, created by Manuel Pino, was placed close to the site of the accident and uncovered at 17:00 CET. After the stone was uncovered a remembrance concert was held at the nearby restaurant/pub, Gyllene Rasten, where these bands performed: Age of Fury, The Haze, Killersqueze and Morbid Insultor.

Please log on to their website,, and read more about the project, including pictures and video of the unveiling, and an interview with James Hetfield!

August 18, 2006
 Kirk Joins Tool on Stage in Hawaii
It seems as if Kirk Hammett does more than surf while he is in Hawaii.  Tonight, he joined Tool on stage during their headlining performance at the Blaisdell Concert Hall in Honolulu. One lucky Metallica fan was in the audience.  He was surprised and amazed by Kirk's appearance:
"What a pleasant fuckin' surprise. Maynard made an announcement " We have a very special guest tonight, Kirk from Metallica" and I f-in lost it!!!!!
Kirk went into this bad ass solo for about 20-30 seconds before the bass riffs to...wait for it....Motherfuckin' SOBER started. Yes I am in shock too, Kirk jammed on stage with Tool on the song Sober. All I can say is HOLY SHIT. It was the best live version of Sober EVER. Kirk was riffing on some awesome soloage. Man, I am still numb from that."
August 16, 2006
Metallica Unveils Another New Song
The Master of Puppets Anniversary celebration continued in Japan as Metallica played the Master of Puppets Album in its entirety to packed stadiums during the two Japan dates.  In addition to this rare and special performance, Fans in Japan and Korea were treated to yet another new song off the new album.  This song too is untitled as James introduced as "The New Song Number Two".  The question to be answered when the song is officially released, "will the ’Whoas oohs' be replaced with actual lyrics?"

Metallica wrapped up the Escape 2006 tour in Korea with a different set list; playing a "greatest hits" type of set, yet still including the new song.  A good set list for Koreans fans, many of whom saw Metallica live for the first time.

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