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WCW Mayhem: The Music WCW Mayhem: The Music

WCW Mayhem: The Music WCW Mayhem: The Music
Release Date: November 16 1999
Format: CD
Released by: Rhino / Ada
Produced by: Tommy Boy
Recorded at: Griffis Park, Rome, NY


When WCW wrestler, Sting, walked to the ring, he had a live version of "Seek & Destroy" playing over the PA. When the soundtrack of WCW was released, Metallica contributed that track, a live performance from Woodstock '99, to the album. 

"These days entertainment is all about synergy and cross-merchandising baby, from the "free" toys at the burger joint to the pay-per-view rights, soundtrack CD, T-shirt sales, and cereal endorsements, et al. The wrestling establishment has become increasingly savvy at such activity, and this CD would seem to be the culmination of this marketing ethos. WCW Mayhem brings together new and exclusive tracks from some of the hottest hip-hop (Cypress Hill, Lyrical Giants), metal (Metallica, Slayer), and hip-hop-metal acts (Kid Rock, ICP) as well as the entrance themes for the hottest WCW superstars (from Goldberg to the Nitro Girls). Does it deliver? Hell yeah; this disc is as rowdy and entertaining, boastful and testosterone-fueled as the sport that it celebrates." - Mike McGonigal


1. Make Some Noise - DJ Ran (Mayhem Mega mix)
2. WCW Monday Nitro Theme - Purity ("Adrenaline V. 1")
3. Take It - Insane Clown Posse
4. Here Comes The Pain - Slayer
5. Invasion (Goldberg Theme) - Christian Poulet/Jean-Yves Rigo
6. Crush 'Em (New Goldberg Theme) - Megedeth
7. What Up Mach - Macho Man Randy Savage Theme
8. Blast - Kid Rock
9. Self High Five - Diamond Dallas Page Theme
10. Loose - Primer 55
11. Sting Theme
12. Seek And Destroy - Metallica (live)
13. Buff Daddy - Buff Bagwell Theme
14. Faith - Limp Bizkit/Everlast (remix)
15. American Made - Hulk Hogan
16. Bone Crusher - Lyrical Giants
17. Got Him In The Corner
18. Pay Per View - Ruff Ryders/Drag-On/Jadakiss/Eve/Styles
19. Make The Crowd Roar - Big Punisher/Fat Joe
20. Kevin Nash/Wolfpac Theme
21. Fist Full - Cypress Hill/Defari
22. Count That Man Out
23. Give It Up - Screwball
24. Bow, Wow, Wow - Konnan Theme/Madd-One
25. Rap Is Crap - Curt Hennig & The West Texas Rednecks
26. Bailando - The Nitro Girls/Stephanie Marino