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M:i-2 : Music From And Inspired By (2000 Film) M:i-2 : Music From And Inspired By (2000 Film)

M:i-2 : Music From And Inspired By (2000 Film) M:i-2 : Music From And Inspired By (2000 Film)
Format: CD
Release Date: May 9, 2000
Released by: Hollywood Records/Edel
Produced by: Mitchell Leib
Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering by: Brian Gardner


Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack and the Foo Fighters are among the heavyweights on the Mission: Impossible 2 soundtrack.  Metallica was asked to do the theme song, but said no, choosing to do  "I disappear" instead.  Lars Ulrich is mentioned in the "extra special thanks to" list.


1. Take A Look Around - Limp Bizkit
2. I Disappear - Metallica
3. Scum Of The Earth - Rob Zombie
4. They Came In - Butthole Surfers
5. Rocket Science - Pimps
6. Have A Cigar - Foo Fighters Featuring Brian May
7. Mission 2000 - Chris Cornell
8. Goin' Down - Godsmack
9. What U Lookin' At? - Uncle Kracker
10. Backwards - Apartment 26
11. Karma - Diffuser
12. I Won't Leave You Alone - Buckcherry
13. Immune - Tinfed
14. My Kinda Scene - Powderfinger
15. Carnival - Tori Amos
16. Nyah - Hans Zimmer