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December 30th 2005 - 2005 coming to a close!

Since the boyz and club are on a break here is some news from MetPage:

News for us hmmm.  Spawn & Starcrossed are still busy working on the v6 skins, each one coming out impressive and Xerxes is still polishing up the mods and even coding some new ones.  Working on some site upgrades as well to clean up and make it more user friendly.

Metpage sub-domain hosting, why not get more back for your donations?  Not only do your dollars go towards our monthly costs, but program registration and future add on registrations which gives us more options and reasons to have fun!  We have packages to put your site up for as little as a buck a month!  1 dollar gets and helps keep going...what a bargain!  Check the board announcements for more info or there may be an icon around here to click on.

In other news, its friggen cold out here in Kuwait, the winds kick around the desert and flying at 1000 feet at 150 knots while doing patient care is COLD!!  I was on duty for Christmas and will be as well for new years, watching over those that are watching the borders and keeping the bad man from doing those bad things and all. 

So that's what is going on, Metpage looks forward to spending 2006 with you guys and hopefully you all feel the same about the site, the forums and what the new year will bring!