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December 10, 2011

Thirty Years shows Highlights

Highlights of the Thirty Years shows by Steffan Chirazi

"THIRTY YEARS of friends, heroes, riffs, past, present, things borrowed, and things new (four never-heard-before songs from the Death Magnetic daze), all with the family who has been there throughout; YOU."

"…I'll start with James saying to me on Saturday that his head was almost too full 'with all the riffs for tonight' and at the same time saying he literally wanted to pinch himself as Rob Halford belted out a legendary "Rapid Fire" beside him. "

"The Mercyful Fate reunion/jam/legendary rifferama/whatever-the-fuck it should be called, just amazing, the guys lost lost LOST in the belly of the riff-snake as it twisted and turned through Fate favorites, King Diamond's heart beating stronger than ever, his voice shattering glasses in the upstairs bar."



"I have to hail Apocalyptica too, and also giggle at the chaos the electrification of their strings caused, as well as be grateful for the “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” which was charmed from Trujillo like a beautiful snake to bridge the waiting ."

"oh, and it wasn't so bad seeing a certain Terrance 'Geezer' Butler and Mr. John 'Ozzy' Osbourne step out for a bit of Sabbath was it? Both helped lift the volume, both made everyone wonder where else this could all go, how much higher it could get because let’s face it, Ozzy and Geezer are about as big as it gets… "

"How goddamn cool it was to see Jason Newsted.  Every night. Laying it down, nailing it down, given the latitude to do so by Rob, enjoying rebirth chemistry with his (always-will-be) brothers…just superb. THIRTY YEARS was every bit as much about making sure sticky areas were wiped clean once and for all with new fresh turf established and relationships rebuilt back to 100%… "

"...and when Dave stepped out to play (with Kirk Hammett giving him the floor space to bust leads) I found my heart dragging my body to the front of the show and into a frenzy with everyone, with you and you and you, because WE were seeing it, the culmination, the circle, the FULL 30 YEAR JOURNEY climaxing in the only way it could but we never thought it would"

click below to read the whole review of the shows by  Steffan Chirazi