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September 9, 2009

Fan Can VI Update

Time to vote for the your favorite show out of the 5 nights in Copehnganen, the band will include 2 dvds on the next fan can, plus some cool extra footage.
As you already know Fan Can is an exclusive item of the Metallica Club . So if you are a member dont miss the chance to vote. Here’s the official announcement:

"As we told you in an earlier news story, your fellow Clubbers filmed all five nights in Copenhagen and now we need your help to pick the show that will be a part of Fan Can Six. Below are the set lists from each night and it's simple (or maybe not!) - just pick the one you like the best and the show that gets the most votes will be on DVD number one.

"DVD number one??" you say! That's right... Fan Can Six will take a new twist and instead of including one DVD and one CD, we're going to give you TWO DVD's. That means that we'll be tapping you again to help us with the song selection for DVD number two once all the votes have been tabulated and a show selected for number one. You'll have chance to vote again for the remaining songs not voted in the first time, and DVD number two will also include some behind the scenes footage and a few other cool extras. So keep watching here for round two of voting sometime in the next month or so. "