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cov_thedarkside.jpg The Dark Side
Artist: Gregorian
Released: October 25, 2004
Label: Edel America Records


Limited Edition

On the Limited Edition, the song Engel (Rammstein) is between the tracks Gregorian Anthem and Ave Satani (The Omen), making it the eleventh track.

 Special Rock Edition

The 'Special Rock Edition' featured ten tracks. The differences from the standard edition are the omission of "Where the Wild Roses Grow", "Uninvited" and "The End" as well as the length of the existing tracks; they are shorter. This edition also includes an extended version of "Nothing Else Matters", from Gregorian's first Masters of Chant album.


1. Hurt     
2. My Immortal        
3. The Four Horsemen
4. Unbeliever    
5. Where The Wild Roses Grow        
6. Close My Eyes Forever    
7. More        
8. Uninvited        
9. The Raven    
10. Gregorian Anthem        
12. Ave Satani (The Omen)         
13. The End        
14. In The Shadows        
Bonus track (limited edition):
11. Engel