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March 4, 2009 - A different perspective on Metallica
news_040309_vika.jpg We have discovered a new way of showing Metallica to the world. To the numerous skeptics in the classical music world, the people who usually label Heavy Metal as a "trashy music" we would like to present you with a different way of enjoying Metallica's beautiful music.

We would like to present you Viktoriya Yermolyeva (also known as vika), an amazing piano player who has also a passion for Metallica. She has covered a lot of Metallica music on Piano, which to us is quite impressive. The sensation we get when listening to well known & loved Metallica songs, interpreted by her on Piano is something quite impressive.

Take a look at some of her videos (available on youtube )

The Day That Never Comes

 We just want to say: Way to go vika. Rock On!!!