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Cliff 'Em All Cliff 'Em All

Cliff 'Em All Cliff 'Em All
Release Date:  December 4, 1987
Format: DVD and VHS
Produced by: Curt Marvis, Jeff Richter
Directed by: Jea Pellerin, Doug Freel
Recorded at: Various Concerts between 1983 and 1986


Cliff 'Em All is a retrospective on the 3½ years that Cliff Burton was in Metallica.  It was originally released in late 1987 featuring interviews and bootleg concert footage taken between 1983 and 1986. The video was released as a tribute to Metallica's late bassist Cliff Burton to celebrate the three and a half years he was in the band.  Burton was killed in a tour bus accident on September 27, 1986, near Ljungby, Sweden during a European leg of shows. The tour bus skidded off an icy road and flipped over, Burton was thrown out of the window and the bus landed on top of him. When they tried to pull the bus back on the road, the cable snapped and the bus fell back in the ditch.

Whilst ostensibly the film focuses on Burton, it also has given fans a rare glimpse of Metallica's less-documented early career.  This is what the band had to say about the video:

Well we finally went and did what we always talked about not doing, releasing a vid!! Before you throw up in disgust let us (except K__) tell you the idea behind this.

First of all this is not your typical shit home video (it's worse) done with high-tech 10-camera production and sound. It's a compilation of booting footage shot by sneaky Metallifux, stuff shot for T.V. that was never used, but we've held onto, home footage, personal photos & us drunk.

But most important, it's really a look back at the 3 1/2 years that Cliff was with us and includes his best bass solos and the home footage & pix, that we feel capture his unique personality and style.

Song Selections:

Creeping Death'86
Am I Evil '86
Damage, Inc. '86
Master of Puppets '86
Whiplash '83
The Four Horsemen '85
Fade to Black '85
Seek & Destroy U/K
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) '86
For Whom the Bell Tolls '86
No Remorse '83
Metal Militia '83