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Fan Can 2 Fan Can 2

Fan Can 2 Fan Can 2
Release Date: 1997
Released by: Metallica
Produced by: Metallica

VHS Tape
Door Hanger: "Do Not Disturb, Metallica in play"


Fan Cans are customized paint cans stuffed with a CD, video, T-shirt and various Metallica “swag”.  Fan Cans are released by the official fan club and sold to members only, this makes the early versions practically hard to find.  CD and Video cover art by James Hetfield.

Fan Can 2 contains a live recording of a fanclub member only show at Slim's Club in San Francisco on /10 June 1996.  The video contains various clips from various shows in 1995 and 1996. The CD and Video cover art design is by James Hetfield.


1. Fade To Black
2. King Nothing
3. One
4. Wherever I May Roam
5. Nothing Else Matters
6. Last Caress
7. Master Of Puppets
8. Overkill
9. Motorbreath


London Astoria 2 - August 23rd 1995
(Sweatbox club gig, warm up for Donington)
Donington Festival - August 26, 1995
(Way too many drunk metalheadz throwing whatever they get their handz on.....definate fun factor. We'd have it no other way)
Tuktoyaktuk - September 2nd & 3rd 1995
(Say that fast three times after a pink of whale blubber. Gig with a few friends literally in the middle of no'fuckin'where!)
The MTV Motherload Contest at Louie's Bar in Aberdeen, Washington - June 24, 1996
(We get a 3 day ride in a stinky semi with a pizza, and that lucky bastard gets all our gear?!!) ...and much more crap you really don't need to see.