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Fan Can 1 Fan Can 1

Fan Can 1 Fan Can 1
Release Date: 1996
Released by: Metallica
Produced by: Metallica


VHS Tape

Fan Cans are customized paint cans stuffed with a CD, video, T-shirt and various Metallica “swag”.  Fan Cans are released by the official fan club and sold to members only, this makes the early versions practically hard to find.

Fan Can 1 is a collection of studio outtakes and miscellaneous jams from when the band was in the studio recording Load.  During one of the Load sessions, Metallica recorded (what became the Fan Can one CD) in one take without stopping the tape between songs, capturing discussions between the band and Bob Rock about what to play and such. The tracks are untitled but include versions and snippets of songs by AC/DC, Mercyful Fate, The Beatles and one of Lars favorites at that time, Oasis. These covers are often short or cut in half as they haven't played them before. The video is excellent, containing footage not available anywhere else.  The Video and CD cover art design is by James Hetfield.


1. Unnamed 1
2. Unnamed 2
3. Unnamed 3
4. Unnamed 4
5. Unnamed 5
6. Unnamed 6
7. Unnamed 7
8. Unnamed 8
9. Unnamed 9
10. Unnamed 10
11. Unnamed 11
12. Unnamed 12


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