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Should you wish to make a complaint about the Metpage website please first read the points below and then please contact us by email at [email protected].

General Policy

Metpage makes every effort to monitor and control site content without undue censorship. Please remember however that the site is a live medium and editorial control can only be exercised after a user has posted on the site. The site is monitored by a large team of 'moderators' with the power to edit and delete posts, and by the site owners / administrators. The views expressed on the site are those of the user / author and normally not those of the administrators or moderators. As an aside, the user / author concerned holds copyrights to his own posts - i.e. most site content is not 'owned' by the site.

Site Audience

The site is aimed squarely at Metallica fans, and the language and content should and does reflect that of Metallica community. The type of social behavior and conversation acceptable to a Metallica fan audience sometimes differs from that of civilian society, although often no offense is meant by the more robust site content. Please view site content in this context.

Site Guidelines

Guidelines to acceptable site use are given here.

Complaints Procedure

General complaints by registered site members regarding abuse of the forum guidelines above should be directed to the moderator of the forum section concerned (username listed under the description of each board on the forum index page here). The moderators may be contacted by the site personal message system.

Non-members are requested to register on the site (here) then use the personal message system or e-mail the site administrators on [email protected].

Very serious / urgent complaints, complaints about site content other than forum content (gallery etc) or complaints about moderators should be directed directly to the site administrators by email: [email protected].

Complaint Response

Metpage does take all complaints very seriously and aims to reply within 24 hours (normally much quicker) of the receipt of an email.


Please include in any complaint a link to the offending content (copy and paste from the address bar in your web browser) or a good description of the its location (forum name, thread name, thread page number etc). This will make the task of dealing quickly with your complaint much easier.

Finally, the email address again: [email protected] and if you feel you must use it then we apologize in advance and look forward to addressing the issue.