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Staff InfoStaff Info

Melodie (MetDream)

Site and Forum Administrator

I'm a single mom of an emo/punk rocking teenage son. I work a very professional, very high stress job. Music and art has always been my outlet to de-stress and unwind. Creating cover art provides a focus for my art and a celebration of the greatest band in the world -- Metallica! I was probably the longest time amateur Metallica fan around these parts. Back in the glorious 80's when I was in my mid-20's and a total Glam Band -- I love Axl Rose -- Queen, a friend played "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" for me and I was hooked. Ive been listening to Metallica ever since. During the 90's, I lived on the tiny island of Kauai in rock 'n roll oblivion except for the Metallica and Guns 'N Roses blasting from my car. Later, I've moved to Reno, Nevada and had the great pleasure of seeing Metallica live for the second, third, fourth... time in my life. It is only within the last couple of years, thanks to my friend and webmaster of Metlists Inc, Singemfrc or otherwise known as Wraith, that I've become an active Metallica fan. I joined some online Metallica communities which lead to the discovery of wondrous world of bootleg trading and bootleg cover art.


E-Mail[email protected]
LocationReno, Nevada, USA